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30 Day Intro Offer

Introducing BPM Fitness Introductory offer: 30 Days for $60
This is an easy way for you to enjoy all the benefits of being a member at BPM Fitness, and finally feel good in your body!
Experience our signature HIIT bootcamp with an unlimited number of classes included in your program. We combine functional movements, bodyweight exercises, high-intensity spin bikes with motivating music mixes… and you get the best workout ever!
Our boutique fitness studio is perfect for you if:
You have a “complicated” relationship with gyms
You want fitness and exercise classes that help you lose weight and helps your body burn calories long after you’ve left the gym
You’re someone who gets a little squirmy when it comes to making commitments
You don’t like spending hours in the gym (did we mention our workouts are only 45 minutes?!)
You don’t want to worry about whether it’s “leg day” or “back day” or how to put together a proper exercise program that actually works
** For NEW Clients only**

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 30 day(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: 18-Oct-2018
End Date: 17-Nov-2018
Payment Terms
Price: $60.00 monthly

Due Now

First Installment  $60.00
Taxes  $7.80

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